As I progress in coding expertise and further my computer science education I will undoubtedly encounter tidbits of code or advice I feel is worth sharing. When that happen, this is where it will be.
In my Android development adventures I have come across various issues that vexed me. This is where I shall describe my experiences and the solutions I came up with.
As a study in disingenuousness, I find politics fascinating. As an existential threat to life and liberty, I feel we must be aware and wary. I'm mostly concerned with the United States, where I sojourn, and Israel, my home.
Being a religious Jew, I often contemplate religious matters of all kinds. I also occasionally produce religious works.
In spending much of my time engaged with technology, I sometimes stumble upon various interesting and worthwhile tips and strategies. Some of them are described herein for your edification.
Using Linux was initially an adverse reaction to the Windows in general and the registry in particular. It has become a grand adventure and the only OS I actually enjoy.
With some degree of infrequency a nifty math concept will strike my fancy and I'll feel compelled to share.
These are short posts without abstracts. Often one liners. They used to be in a side-bar.