And We're Back

All issues have been corrected. More improvements coming soon.

Corrupted Images

Sorry 'bout that. I'll fix it when I've got time (after the school quarter ends).

Apologies for the Downtime :(

I'm afraid school got the better of me, and I missed the "your site is down" email.

Republicans, Democrats Play Chicken

Race toward fiscal cliff with nation in back seat.

Our Societal Legacy...
could be cultural studies. After all, the ancient Greeks are most lauded for their (imho idiotic) philosophies.
Rabid Antisematism Endemic to Islam

At least according to The Sons of Pigs and Apes (the title is a quote from the Quran about the Jews) by Neil J. Kressel, PhD from Harvard in social psychology.

If Not for the Riots

Innocence of Muslims would have vanished in obscurity.

Thank G-d!

I watched a Rebbe video and got inspired to preface each post with בס״ד which stands for בסיעתא דשמיא, meaning "with the help of Heaven" in Aramaic.

Quote Time

"Go to the haberdasher, so I could look dapper."

- MC Fontalot