Original Jokes

2011, Jul 10, 08:48 pm

As far as we know, we made these up. Some of them might even be funny :)

These may be original jokes, but if there's any funny business, we will not be amused O_o

Actually Funny

How can you tell if an invention is half baked? Stick a spork in it.

Laffy Taffy Style

Why did the shoemaker hate turkeys? They kept telling him to "cobble cobble cobble!"

Why was the nun mad at her tailor? He gave her a bad habit.

What did the critics call the drug using flutist? High fulutin.

How did the Palestinians feel before the state of Israel? Well, they where a bit preoccupied.

Word Play

If you are scented by scent, are you incensed by incense?

You can get a Nintendo 64 for four fortune cookies.

In order to form the passive voice tautology club, the passive voice tautology club was formed.


Who is Sigmoid Freud?

Doctors seem to always use the biggest word around, for example, what every one calls the funny bone, they call the humerus.

Why do we need antioxidants? To keep free radicals from running amok in our bodies.


'i'm so bad at math, that this reference is too complex.

Once an amulets of memory worked on magic of questionable efficacy. Today they fit in USB ports.

Walking past a luxury Nissan I realized I had gone to infinity and beyond.


OK, all jokes aside, we need to channel our creativity into good branding. Our new line of health food will be, NUDITY. We will have nudity fruit bars, nudity sauce, and of course nudity juice. Our tag line might be "nudity, it tastes good" or "Raw Nudity!". Prepare for the nudity revolt.


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