The Elusive Arab Solution

2011, Dec 14, 08:52 am

I will not equivocate, but will rather state what is evident to anyone who looks. The world is under threat from Islamic terrorism. Not just the western world, but all corners of the globe. So how can this dire situation with the Muslim Arabs be resolved?

Written shortly after the horrific murders in Itamar on the 11th of March, 2011.

We are emotional and decry death and the slaughter of innocents, but decry as we might we fail to understand how to prevent it. People are what they are taught to be, and although they can degrade or improve and their nature makes itself known occasionally, for the most part they grow as their childhood dictates. Arab children across the Muslim world are taught to blame others, to hate, and to kill. They are taught that G-d desires the blood of the non-believers and their progeny, men, women, children, and babies. Their schools, media, and Mosques are centers of this poisonous insanity. Social justice, fairness, equality, these are ideas for the receptive mind, and the Arab mind is not even close to receptive. There is nothing to be gained from approaching the vicious cunning that has become the Arab psyche with gifts and goodwill, no deal that can be made nor trust that can be gained. We must first take back the reins of education and media, to wash away the mindless hatred and cruelty. Two generations later, when these children we have taught peace instead of murder have buried their bitter crazy grandparents, we may finally be able to relax our guard and begin a process of true peace. Until than how can we be anything but vigilant, against the murder of innocents, against cruelty and barbarism, against insanity and indoctrination. We have a duty to make this world a better place, and with G-d's help we will do so despite cultural confusion, misplaced sympathies, and misguided morality. We can succeed and we must. For the future, for our children, and for theirs.


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