Sensible Gun Laws

2012, Mar 21, 10:19 pm

People often think along the lines of should gun laws be stricter or laxer. What we really need to focus on is keeping people from getting killed.

I believe that a significant portion of gun deaths could be prevented through the implementation of two simple polices. One is conservative and the other is liberal. That should be irrelevant though.

First the liberal one. Require a license to own a gun that includes a mental health evaluation. Many of the worst shootings are carried out by crazy people who should never have been allowed anywhere near a gun. This may discourage gun ownership but but getting a gun license doesn't have to be any harder than getting a driver license.

The conservative policy would be gun education in schools. Parents have a nasty tendency of leave loaded guns about for little children to find. The kids who find them, having no idea how to use one, often end up shooting themselves or siblings. They need to understand how guns work. Younger kids need to be demonstrated the danger of guns and taught to never touch one but rather go straight to an adult. Older kids need to be taught gun handling and safety. Many older kids have been shot not realizing that a bullet can be chambered without the magazine or that revolvers revolve as the trigger is pulled. Maybe some parents are horrified at the thought of their sweet child learning about guns, but the guns don't have to be any more violent than martial arts. Just a sport.

To summarize, by making sure everyone knows how to use a guns and by working to keep them out of the hands of nut cases we can reduce the amount of gun tragedies we see every year.


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