I've often wanted my computer to act as my alarm. It would need to automatically resume from suspend at a specified time and begin playing music with gradually increasing volume.

The other day I finally sat down and coded an alarm shell script for myself. I figured others might find it useful or instructive, so here it is.

The Lapis web framework is amazing. Setting up your development environment is a bit involved. This post is my attempt to gather links and useful tidbits regarding the process process of preparing for Lapis.

This is useful primarily as a method of avoiding the command completion problem with bash aliases, but I'm sure there are other uses I just haven't yet considered.

So, why do it? Colorizing your Bash prompt not only gives you super geek cred, it also has the potential to boost your productivity and put a smile on your face. Take a look.

This should also work with the Mac shell, but I don't know for sure. Leave a comment if it works.